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About Us

We give you back control of your career.

WeApply gives you curated, personalised access to the best jobs for your interests and skill set. We find, fill out and then submit your application to the best possible fits in a direct and easy process with no recruiters or middlemen. Just actual applications, submitted by actual humans directly to employers!

We’re here to level the playing field by connecting you with companies we know to be hiring for all the positions you’re right for. We're here to bring back control over your career back to you and believe that EVERYONE deserves that advantage!

We’ll find you the right role, with the right organisation, for the right pay — while guiding every step of the process. You’ll never be asked to compromise.

How it Works

Step 1

Once a day, Monday to Friday, we send you a list of up to 10 suitable positions.

Step 2

You select which positions you wish to apply to.

Any positions you don't like? Let us know and we'll use that information to help us pick better positions for you in the future.

Step 3

We fill out the different sections of each application form and customise your resume to better highlight the skill that make you most suitable for the particular role.

Step 4

Once you approve the application, we submit it and wait for the interview requests to start pouring in!



No Middlemen

Stay in control. With every application, you’re dealing directly with the hiring employers. There are no extra headhunters or recruiters. We simply make the introduction


Better Compensation

By applying directly to employers, you remove the bundle of money they shell out on recruitment fees, commonly set as 15% of your annual salary. With weapply, you come in as an attractive candidate from the onset — you’ve just lowered their total cost of employing you. Now you can leverage these savings when negotiating your salary!


A Data-Backed Application Strategy

The better we know you, the better we can hone and curate your selection of prospects. Using data from past applications to employers and feedback from your own previous applications, we continually tweak and evolve your individualised application strategy to improve the strength of subsequent submissions.


A Single Platform

Instead of leaving you to scour the internet for wildly disparate openings, we bring you opportunities from the entire job market — not just clients from one recruitment platform. You’ll reach a much wider swath of prospective employers while locating the company and salary that’s right for you.


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All our subscriptions are paid monthly, there are no long term commitments and you are free to cancel your subscription at any time.


  • Up to 20 applications per month
  • 14 day monyback guarentee
  • Resume review
  • Resumes customised to job applications


  • Up to 30 applications per month
  • 14 day monyback guarentee
  • Resume review
  • Resumes customised to job applications

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